How to know which lubricant to buy for industrial use?

Why is it important to choose the right lubricant for specialized applications?
Optimal protection and performance: Specialized lubricants are designed to provide maximum protection to specific components, such as bearings, gears, chains, compressors, hydraulic systems, among others. Using the wrong lubricant can result in accelerated wear and equipment failure.
Efficiency and productivity: The right lubricants can improve the efficiency and productivity of machines and equipment, which in turn can reduce operating costs and increase profitability.
Safety and Compliance: In some industries, such as food or pharmaceuticals, it is crucial to use lubricants that meet specific standards and regulations to ensure product safety and quality.
When should you consider changing your equipment's specialized lubricant?
The change of specialized lubricant must be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the machinery or equipment manufacturer. Additionally, you should watch for signs of wear, decreased performance, or changes in operating temperature, as these may be indicative of the need for a lubricant change.
Before purchasing a specialized lubricant, keep the following in mind
Manufacturer specifications: Consult the specifications recommended by the machinery or equipment manufacturer to ensure that the lubricant meets their requirements.
Lubricant Type: Specialty lubricants come in various formulations such as oils, greases, synthetic lubricants, biodegradable lubricants, etc. Make sure you choose the correct type for your application.
Viscosity and operating temperature: Viscosity and the ability to operate at different temperatures are key considerations in selecting the appropriate lubricant.
Regulatory compliance: In certain industries, such as automotive, aerospace or food, it is essential that lubricants comply with specific regulations.
Buy your special lubricants at Lugrasa
At Lugrasa, we understand the importance of choosing the right lubricant for specialized applications. Our wide range of high quality specialist lubricants are designed to meet a variety of industrial needs and ensure the optimal performance of your equipment and machinery. If you have questions or concerns about which specialty lubricant is right for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you keep your operations running efficiently and safely.

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